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Julie Watkins, LISP Short Story Finalist by 'Petrified in the Deep'

LISP Short Story Finalist 'Petrified in the Deep' by Julie Watkins

My name is Julie, and I am a retired nurse.

I began writing short stories, following completing a creative writing course with the Open University.

I write every day if possible, even if it is only a paragraph. I have always got a story in mind.

To have my stories recognised is so good. It just gives me confidence in my writing.

The best thing about writing a story is the freedom to enter another world, one of my making.

The most challenging thing about writing is when the characters become still and quiet.

My story for the London independent, came from the idea of seances and close knit communities.

My tips for writing a story, is to just to start the story, get the characters doing something, and talking to each other, and then they will mysteriously start telling the story.



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