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The London Independent Story Prize 4th Quarter 2018 Winners

Winner of The London Independent Story Prize 4th Quarter 2018 is:

'Dance of My Parents'

by Lee Reilly from USA

Congrats! Winner's Prizes are as below:

£200 Cash Prize

Jericho Writers Annual Membership (Retail Prize £195)

The Winning story is published in three countries at the same time;

The Mark Literary Review -Canada

Nthanda Review -Malawi


2nd Place: Light Coming in Through a Chink by Catherine Edmunds from UK

3rd Place: Ruler by Stef Smulders -Italy

Highly Recommended Stories

Chlorine by T.L.Sherwood-USA

The Gamekeeper’s Telling by Rob Mclnroy -UK

School Gates by Alexis Wolfe -UK

Jimmy and Abram by Mahesh Nair -USA

Recommended Stories

Albaster by Bruce Meyer -Canada

Toll by Bruce Meyer -Canada

The Name of The Problem by Eilise Norris -UK

Spiders by Helen Chambers -UK

Star Cross’d by Conor Montague -UK

Keeping Company with Orchids by Marissa Hoffmann -Switzerland

Ladybird by Mary Thompson -UK

Return to Atlantis by Chris Ash -Ireland

L’échappée belle by Daniela Norris - France

Embryo by Karen Waldron – UK

Of Happiness by T.L.Sherwood -USA

Congrats to all of our great writers. Thanks for sharing your stories with us! Click To Read the Winning Stories!

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