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LISP 1st Quarter 2018- #Longlist

Please see the longlisted stories and writers below! They are not in any particular order. Winners will be announced on the 10th of February 2018. Good luck to you all!

And the writers who are not on the list please keep in touch. We received great stories from all around the world. It was really a tough decision to make. Even though you're not on this list you're in our network now, keep in touch and let us know your achievements. It's been a great pleasure to read all of those wonderful stories. Looking forward to receiving your entries for the 2nd Quarter!

LISP 1st Quarter Longlist

.Fourteen and Fifteen and Sixteen by Megan Tieszen

.Half a wanting by Megan Tieszen

.School by Gala Connell

.Love by Ofir Oz

.The Horrible Heat by T. L. Sherwood

.Grey by Lauren Howlett

.The Conch Shell by Pam Morrison

.Alfie by John Saul

.Nothing Monumental About it by Gaynor Jones

.Before its too late by Georgina Hore

.Human Waste by Eve Chancellor .How to Practice Becoming a Private Eye by Paul Beckman

.Dancing Queen by Frances Gapper

.The Acrid Smell of Revenge by Barbara Jones

.Snake Pit by Fatima El-Kalay

.I am Your Body by Clodagh O'brien

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