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'Just Do it!' James Kirchick

James Kirchick, an award-winning author, and a brave activist from the USA. Please read our interview below!

What impresses you the most in a Flash Fiction?

Given that the story can only be 300 words, I am looking for something beyond the ephemeral, a story that will make an impression.

How do awards affect writers? As an award-winning author, how did it made you feel to receive them?

It is always gratifying to receive accolades for one’s work, to know that it is appreciated by an audience beyond one’s mother!

The End of Europe has been published recently, any new projects on the go?

In addition to my regular journalism, essays and reviews, I am at work on my second book, a history of gay Washington, D.C.

Finally, what advice would you like to give for the ones wanting to enter London Independent Story Prize 300-word Flash Fiction competition?

Just do it! It’s only 300 words...


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