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Yvonne Lucrezia Condrau, LISP 2nd Half 2021 Feature Screenplay Finalist

LISP 2nd Half 2021 Feature Screenplay Finalist 'A Scottish Gem' by Yvonne Lucrezia Condrau

- Can you please tell us about you and your daily life?

My name is Yvonne Lucrezia Condrau, born, raised and lived in Switzerland until 1993 and then found my way to New York City... I work in 5 languages fluently: English, Swiss German, German, French and Italian.

I’m a Drama/Romance/Drama Mystery Screenwriter that currently has a six-time Award-winning Best Unproduced Feature Screenplay "A Scottish Gem."

I've been working on another Feature Screenplay "Domino Effect" (Drama/Mystery).

I draw inspiration from my vibrant imagination and execute my creative vision with a keen eye of details.

Once I relocated to New York City in 1993, I worked as a Language Instructor, cross-cultural Advisor as well as a Translator for a Nickelodeon/Viacom TV Documentary. I also gained great insight into the industry as a Featured Extra in numerous well-known movies/TV Shows such as "The Manchurian Candidate," "The Interpreter," "Stay," "Law & Order CI," etc.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management & Office Supervision (Lucerne, Switzerland and NYU, New York City) and studied Advanced Screenplay Writing (NYU in NYC).

Can't wait to see my six-time Award-winning Best Feature Screenplay "A Scottish Gem" being sold/produced and on the silver screen in the very near future! Looking for possible representation as well.

My husband and I recently relocated to sunny SW Florida...

Unique traits: - My glass is ALWAYS half full - Addicted to outdoor activities and dancing as well - Never afraid to speak up for neither those who are afraid to nor for myself - Volunteering at local Human Trafficking Org in various aftermath healing programs through art work.

If I had not become a Screenwriter, I definitely would have turned my other passion to professional Gourmet cooking

- When and how did you get into writing?

I always had a vivid imagination and have been a storyteller ever since I was a little girl. My passion left my teachers and everyone else later in life spellbound to my amazing talent of telling/writing stories. In the beginning, I wrote just for fun and on and off for a local newspaper as well, but never pursued a career. But then, a few years ago, my wonderful Papa’s passing inspired me to finally find the courage to follow my dream.

Ironically, soon after, I read my American friend Michele M. Rodger’s book “Carole’s Story…A Scottish Gem” which is based on a compelling true story of her Scottish sister-in-law. I got completely hooked not only by the story but especially by the main characters. One of Michele’s goals was and still is that someday, Carole’s Story will become a blockbuster movie. That’s when I came into the picture as a screenwriter… Until a year ago, I worked full-time in an Investment Firm. But after that, I was finally able to complete my Feature Screenplay “A Scottish Gem!”

My dedication to bring this amazing story to life, the fascinating journey of Carole, a woman I never met, eventually paid off with not only six-Awards for Best Unproduced Feature Script but also numerous other Awards:

Award for Best Unproduced Feature Screenplay:

-New Jersey Film Awards

-Rome International Movie Awards

-Hollywood On The Tiber, Rome

-NY Neorealism Film Awards,

-Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, NY

-Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (Drama), LA

Bronze Winner:

-Depth of Field International Film Festival

Nominee: (Winner result pending)

-International Brightlight Film Festival, LA


-LISP (London Independent Story Prize)

-Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, Paris, France


-New York International Women Festival

-Austin International Art Festival


-Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards

-Miami Screenplay Awards

-TMFF, Glasgow, U.K.

Official Selection:

-London Movie Awards

-8 & Halfilm Awards

-Hollywood Gold Awards, LA

-City of Angels Women’s Film Festival, LA

-WRPN Women’s International Film Festival, LA (Honorable Mention)

- How often do you write? Do you have a writing routine? And what inspires you to write?

As previously mentioned, up to a year ago, I worked full-time in an Investment Firm and often had to “steal” some time late at night. All my life, I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to active sports such as swimming, tennis, dancing, skiing, etc. This is very important for my physical and creative balance and inspiration. At this point in my life, I prefer to write mostly later in the afternoon and sometimes after dinner.

To me, being a storyteller is like a magician who unlocks a treasury box to let people escape into another world for a little while…

One of my favourite Quotes is: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau.

- How does it feel to have your work recognized?

I was very honoured and thrilled to be a Finalist at LISP. I felt like being on “cloud seven.”

- What's the best thing and the most challenging thing about writing a Screenplay?

The best and fun thing is definitely creating a compelling story, bringing all those characters to life and making an audience want to watch my movie!!

My screenplay “A Scottish Gem” is based on a true story and a 330-page long book! One of the most challenging things were a) deciding what to cut in order to keep my screenplay under 120 pages and b) trying to stay as true to the real-life story as possible.

- How did you come up with the idea for your LISP selected story? Is there a story behind your story? And, how long have you been working on it?

On request of Michele M. Rodger, I’ve written the Feature Screenplay and hold the copyright on “A Scottish Gem” which is based on her published novel (Carole's Story...A Scottish Gem). This compelling, true story with a strong female Lead of indomitable spirit and working her magic has all the hallmarks of a biopic drama and a great romance that will leave audiences spellbound and touched. It’s a story that people can relate to on some tangible and emotional level despite the fact that Carole isn’t the daughter of someone famous but simply “the girl next door.”

I wasn’t able to dedicate a lot of time up to a year ago. That’s why I’ve been working on this particular script and many drafts for quite a few years. I thought that I had wrapped it up as my ‘final draft” until I received some more interesting background info, I want to add…

- Can you please give us a few tips about writing a Screenplay?

First of all, learn your craft from the best source: watch great movies, read their well-written screenplays and attend courses like in my case, I studied Advanced Screenplay Writing at New York University (NYU) in New York City.

Once you get an idea for your story, make lots of notes and write an outline as your guide to fall back on if you get “lost” in rewriting, etc. It’s also crucial to buy great software like Final Draft.

Writing a Screenplay sounds so much easier than it is! And there will be many hours or even days that the brain can’t create anything…. Well, that’s completely normal but also frustrating at times. Don’t ever give up and focus on the big picture even after Draft, after Draft, after Draft…

- What's the best thing and the most challenging thing about competitions?

When my script “A Scottish Gem” won six Awards for Best Unproduced Feature Screenplay and numerous other recognitions, it definitely boosted up my self-confidence. And then, of course, the most challenging thing was to accept some rejections or mixed reviews. Because there are so many talented writers entering competitions, it’s definitely a challenge not giving up hope to get my work produced in the near future.

- Lastly, do you recommend the writers give a go on LISP?

Oh, yes! I highly recommend to every writer to give it a go on LISP. It was such an amazing experience thanks to all the wonderful and kind people. Thank you, LISP!



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