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Winner Announcement!


Many thanks for sharing your stories with us.

LISP is proud to have multi judges on board. Click to see the JURY LIST!

Congrats to our winners!

Please see below, Winner- Finalist- Semi Finalist lists for each category.


Flash Fiction: The Tale of Tail, Aarni Tuomi

Short Story: Sixteen, Kate Wickers

Short Screenplay:Praire Zebras, Kate Felix


Flash Fiction:

Glady's Glady's, Zoe Crowest

Broken Glass, Bob Thurber

A Wake Observed, Traci Mullens

Short Story:

Fair Near A Riverside Town, Rob McInroy

Snapshots, Joe Howsin

Stardust, Bob Thompson

Short Screenplay:

The Confession, Diego Trovarelli

Who Are You, Maurits Jacobs

Bruise, Chris Watt

The Photographer, Danielle Lima

Semi Finalist

Flash Fiction:

Sun's Game, Sophie Morton-Thomas

Can You Go Home Again? Hazel Girolamo

Emergency Measures, Michael Loveday

Hands Smelling Of Roses, Jane Broughton

Smother, Maria Kenny

Spoiler, Andrew Boulton

Short Story:

Aim High, Ian Plenderleith

Agustus+Theresa, Allston James

Carcass, Donna Greenwood

Kick, JP Sanders

La Viuda, Kay Rae Chomic

Sacred and Profane Dances, Annie Dawid

Short Screenplay:

Bad Dreams, Amaris J. Gagnon

Behind The Curtain, Dene Stark

Bunny Hop, Jamie Hughes

Time Museum, Gahee Lee

Dinner, Raagavi Sivakumar

Exhibition, K. E. Adamus

Optic, Neil Smith&Tim Woodbridge

The Incredible Mrs. Wilson, Lance David Tate

Salamoon, Ashkan Chavoski

Private Number, Geoffrey Gould

Down By The River, Rachel Littlemore

New competition is opening on the 8th March 2020. Keep writing and keep editing!

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