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Winner Announcement!

LISP 3rd Quarter 2020

Congrats to our Winners, Finalists and Semi-Finalists! Thanks for sharing your stories with us. It was a close call. Please don't get disappointed if your story is not on the list. Keep writing, keep rewriting!

Flash Fiction

Winner: Earthen Sky- Annie Bien


Like Pocket Lint -Travis Garner

What I Can Do in the Air- Helen Chambers

The Giants Fingernails- Jonathan Sellers


The Proper Respect for Water- Rosaleen Lynch

Chasm- Brian John Feehan

Shedding- Ruth Geldard

How to be a Dad- Catherine Adams

Fairy Tale- Cristina Fernandez Valls

Quarantine- Avital Gad-Cykman

Eternal Return- T.L. Sherwood

Short Story

Winner: Lived Experience of Mental Health – Sam Watson


The Partnership Act- Edward Barnfield

Shining Armour – Carrie Jade


Auntie’s Lemon Meringue Pie – Alan Kennedy

Single Adult Human – Robbie Taylor Hunt

Where The Waters Meet – Lucy Ashe

Jane Eyre is not a Saint – Laura Blake


Winner -Lambing- Katie McNeice


Berniea- Fred Perry

Beyond the Pines- Mark Skinner

One Child Born- Stuart Creque

Dandelion Wishes- Sammy Kistell

The Photographer-Joshua Townson

Date Night-Nicko Vaughan

The Walled Garden- Emma Morley

Turquoise- Lewis Benjamin Peck


Tigress-Martin Keady

Flea Bag Blues- Lloyd Seddon

Simulacres- Robin Christopher Johnston

Tin Pan Alley- Kieran Dawson, Callum Ward

Worst Critic- Alexandrya Prynce

The Blue Dress- Helen Minghella

Bad Genes- Elen Boesing

A Walk in the Past- Jean Buschmann

Michelle Midge- Grace Brass



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