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Winner Announcement!

LISP 2nd Quarter 2020

Congrats to our Winners, Finalists and Semi-Finalists! Thanks for sharing your stories with us. It was a close call. Please don't get disappointed if your story is not on the list. Keep writing, keep rewriting!

Flash Fiction


Mum Knows Best by Farha Quadri


Manspreading by Michael Loveday

What It Means by Jennifer Howze

Serenity by Rob Vogt

Edulis by Gillian O'Shaughnessy

Black Event by Forest Jones

Caging Resplendence by T.L. Sherwood


Youssafzai by Brendan Thomas

Sleeve Note by Mary Morrissy

Why My Mother Is No Longer a Hairdresser by Erica Plouffe Lazure

Fragmented by Julie Meier

Sea Shanty by Kathy Hoyle

The Quarterback by Brendan Thomas

Best Novel Idea Category:

A Cure for Melancholia by Melissa Taggart

Short Story


Operation Frequent Wind by Wendy Eiben


Muscle Memory by Edith Johnson

The Orange Tree by Steven John

The Onion Johnny by Yvonne Clark

Contretemps by Jose Varghese

The Man Who Became Poems by Edward O'Dwyer


Fifth Bird Shattered by Melanie Roussel

Seizure by Chris Alleyne

Something Fishy Going On by Adele Evershed

Invisible by Marge Herman

English Hope by Malcolm Johnson

A Poet by Niles Reddick

Sunflowers are Her Mother's Favourite by Sherry Morris

Driving Together by Louis Cox

Best Film Idea Category:

Megan by Chris Cottom



Follies of War by Kesari Bhattacharya


A Lady's Diary by Niki J. Borger

Her, Unwritten by Sangeetha Gowda

Heart Adjustment by Lance David Tate

The old Man by Leon Bell

The Girl in The Field by Chris Watt


The Captain's Son by Seamus Dignan

A Helping Hand by Sam Gill

Beads by Neil Smith and Tim Woodbridge

Hunting Rabbits In A Winter Storm by Bradley Gamborski

Remember When by Jessica Gardner

Windmills by Fiona McPhillips

A Murder Mistaken by Simon Allen

That's a Good Girl by Steven Demmler

Ever Changing Skyline by Emma Pitt

The Cry of The Red Cardinal by Cassandra Philips

Lockdown by Brian Wallace

The Nautilus Shell by Daniel Betts



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