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London Independent Story Prize 2024 1st Competition Winners and Finalists

London Independent Story Prize 2024 1st Competition Results

Short Story Winner 'Baby I Know' Alice Frecknall

Flash Fiction Winner 'Homeward Bound' Avi Ben-Zeev

Poetry Winner 'Viewing Antiques With My Father' Christian Ward

Short Story Finalists

'A Woman of Substance' Fiona Dignan

'Best of Three' E. J. Fry

'Dear Julia, London Fields' Katy Severson

'Easter Sunday' Terry Kerins

'The Woman in the Water' Tracy Fahey

'What You Can Expect' Rosie Parry

Flash Fiction Finalists

'Morgan Le Fay' Emma Faye Robdale

'Pockets of Hope' Barbara Bridger

'Pinning the Butterflies' Jane Broughton

'The Gardner' Wendy S. Palmer

'The Trap' Todd Alfuth

'We Found a Body' Annie Bien

'White on White' Lucien Rae Gentil

Poetry Finalists

'Goodbye to all this' Sarah Boyd

'Swimming and Dreaming' Craig Smith

'Rubies and Pearls' Kathrine Bancroft

'Braeriach' Rose Norman

'My Discernment Process Ends Badly' Evalyn Lee



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