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LISP 2nd Half 2021 Winner Announcement

LISP 2nd Half 2021 Winners and Finalists

Feature Screenplay Winner:

Nod, John Palfery-Smith

Short Screenplay Winner:

Weightless, Louise Monaghan

Flash Fiction Winner:

Colour Fluent, Rebecca Klassen

Short Story Winner:

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves, Ali Seegar

Flash Fiction


Lorelei Happened, Jane Broughton

Love Thy Neighbour, Hannah Taylor

Mass, Sue Whytock

A Small World, Katherine Frances Jennifer Fisher

21st October 1966: Slag, MJ Harbottle

In Black and White It Made Sense, Julian Cadman

Dearest, Gayathiri Dhevi Appathurai

Under the Clock, Mary Francis

Smoke Signal, Andrew F.

Scattered Sand, Pippa Slattery

Being U, Julian Cadman

The Waves, Julie Hayman

Short Story


Gene-ius, Janet Olearski

Tolstoy's Mice, Guy Ware

An Audience with the Gods, Carys Nevard

The Letter, Polly Botsford

Personal Best, David Charles SHELLEY JONES

Punctuation, Emma Penruddock

A World Beyond Knowledge, Paula Read

That Which is Woven, Gina Challen

Dead Bird Watching, Emily Goode

And This Is Now, Wendy Buonaventura

Just a Job, Kay Inckle

Nine Circles, Lynda Mason

Paula, Rachel Sloan

Daddy Issues, Kaelan O'Neill


Vibrant, Mary Lukasiewicz

Fit to Teach, Zahra Barri

Where is Joanie, Chloe Huttner

With Best Wishes, Ariana Musiol Poole

Short Screenplay


Empty Nest, Daniel Powell

Woman Left Behind, Adam Cargill, Vicki Cargill

6:52PM, Lewis Benjamin Peck

Cicadas, Amanda McGregor

It Could Have Been Me, Romana Carén

Make A Wish, Robyn Pete

Storm Clipper, Anna Keel

U Be Me, Tom Critch

Twelve Steps, Five Pillars, Zahra Barri

The Scheme, Diego Trovarelli

Wake-up Call, Alexandra Salkin

Feature Screenplay


Listen Carefully, Shira Zimbeck

Escape From Endavor, Daniel Jones

XX, Jacqueline Wright

Drunk Isidor, Milka Sholaya

Call Me Thor, Jamie Campbell

3Rings, Ruth Carraway

Wild Revival, Emma Oliver

Star Children, Balbeer Bahi

Dead Camels, George Pass

The Faerie Rings, Zina Brown

A Scottish Gem, Yvonne Lucrezia Condrau

Dr. Portia, Alexia Lucas and Millie West

Pride & Prudence, Fran Ervin

Couple Kooks, Tierney Acott



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