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LISP 2022 Winners and Finalists!

Feature Screenplay Winner

No Address by Julia Verdin, James Papa

Short Screenplay Winner

Face to Face by Christina Alagaratnam

Short Story Winner

Ghosted by Gavin Hayes

Flash Fiction Winner

Good Neighbors by Andrew Stancek

Feature Screenplay LISP Official Selections

Flower Child by Hal Straus, Matt Straus

Afterburn by Lawrence Cremo

Water Touching The Rock by Michael Angel Johnson

The Fullness of Time by Jillian Abbott

Short Screenplay LISP Official Selections

London Beached by Lane Shipsey

Joy Thai by Will Fox Allingham

Pilgrim by Chris Upson

Home Truths by Richard Sloggett

Winter Eyes by Stephen Gleason

Sabriyya by Sammie - Jo Cunnane

Nonna, Mum and Me by Lindsay Bennett-Thompson

Flash Fiction LISP Finalists

Rucksack Scare by Gary Egan

Weeing in The Road by Emma Hargreaves

Sunset Invasion by Tracey-Anne Plater

Itch by Rachel David

I Was Planning To Stay Home And Bake Bread by Claire Schön

Ancestral Soup by Rachel John

How to Disappear by Debra Waters

The Basics of Vacillation by Charisse J. Tubianosa

The Things I Don't Say by Maria Thomas

On the Eve of the Matchgirls' Strike, 1888 by Emma Phillips

Chasing Rainbows Over A Bridge Too Far by Julian Cadman

The Day After the War Started by Mathieu Cailler

Things I Won’t Forget Now I’ve Moved Back Home by Chris Cottom

Wading In by Gaynor Magee

Tinnitus by Ali J Prince

Banishing Maddo by Marie Gethins

Trapped by Yvonne Clarke

Re-run by Victoria Stewart

Life Goes On by Jonathan Sellars

Two Men Kissing by Finnian Burnettt

Short Story LISP Finalists

After the Heist by Lesley Aldridge

The Swan Song of the Hay Ensemble by Alan Kennedy

That Famous Photograph by Euan Currie

Beneath the Khamaseen by Kevin Gerard Neill

BACK HOME by Lee Stevenson

Reunion by Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Requiem by Brian John Feehan

The Day Before by Mark Devis

Old Age, Aunt Nora by VIVIENNE CHELL

That Way I'll Feel Stronger by Rachel Wild

Influencer by Ross Sullivan

Pride of Rotterdam by Tom Harvey

Growing Pains by Susan King

Companion Star by Chelsey Blankenship

Petrified in the Deep by Julie Watkins

Imagine If That Was Your Dad by Kate Bailey

Papa, Father and He by Si Wei Lim

The Legendary Outcrop by Elizabeth Charlotte Sice

Wait Until The Sea is Calm by Bernadette Stott

Emerald Lavender by Dora Emma Esze

The Freckle by Laura Kyle

The Repair Job by Jana Bakunina



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