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And the Winner is..!

London Independent Story Prize

1st Half 2019 Flash Fiction Competition Results

Congrats to all of our great writers! Please do keep writing stunning stories.

The listed stories survived four steps of elimination. Each of them was carefully scored by at least four different judges, anonymously. Writers, it's not easy to make it up to here on the list, enjoy your moment!

Highly Recommended Stories

Anaconda by Nancy Freund

Don’t look at them Ashes by Mellissa Ganendran

The Folding Stuff by Alexis Wolfe

Cold by Tony Delmond

Recommended Stories

Everything We Own by Amy O'Neil

The Joy Club by Penny Campbell

Cracked by Ian Rushton

Honey by Penny Campbell

Watching Cancer by Tom Carr

My Mother Her Mother by Robbie Taylor Hunt

The Life Cycle of a Caterpillar by Annette Edwards-Hill

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