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Interview with Mahesh Nair, The London Independent Story Prize, 4th Quarter Highly Recommended Write

Can you please tell us about you? Where do you live and how is your daily life?

I work as a freelance writer in Manhattan. And these days, I’m writing a lot of flash fiction.

When did you start writing? How often do you write? We want to learn all about your writing life!

I’ve been writing for a while but became serious about flash fiction in the beginning of 2018. I’m lucky to be ending the year with acceptances/publications in Ad Hoc Fiction, Paragraph Planet, Blink Ink Print, and 101 Words; besides, a longlist at Reflex Fiction prize (anthology is due in early 2019), a shortlist for Bath Flash Fiction Award (anthology is out), and twice highly recommended at London Independent Story Prize. My short stories have been published in journals like Crack the Spine, Literary Orphans, Smokebox, and The Bookends Review. Also, I was a contributing author for Lady by the River, a self-help book, available on Amazon.

How did you feel when you learned that you are on the Highly Recommended List of The London Independent Story Prize? How does it feel to have your work recognised?

It felt very special like the previous time when I was on the same list. I really admire LISP for featuring different voices from around the world.

What's the best thing and the hardest thing about writing a Flash-Fiction?

Writing a flash piece is tough as one abstract word or an unconvincing metaphor can confuse the narrative. But, if done well, it’s truly satisfying. Make each word count!

How did you come up with the idea for your LISP selected story? Is there a story behind your story? And how long have you been working on it?

Jimmy and Abram took me sometime to write. I was always fascinated by how siblings fight for rooms and other things during childhood.

Can you please give us a few tips about writing a 300-word flash-fiction story?

Stay true to your story. Make sure there’s a healthy dose of purpose and arc. And any piece of flash must have a piece of you.

Lastly, do you recommend the writers to give it a go on flash fiction story and LISP?

I have and will continue to. LISP actively promotes writers—and it’s an honor to be recognized twice by them. Submit to LISP, writers. Now.

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