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Megan Tieszen, 1st Quarter 2018 Highly Recommended Writer by Half A Wanting & Recommended Writer

Megan has been Longlisted by her two stories . At the final stage one of them was Highly Recommended and the other one was on the Recommended List. She has a unique voice that you can easily recognise. Please check out her interview below and read her Recommended Story via link below.

- Can you please tell us about you? Where do you live and how is your daily life?

I live in the US and I work and attend college so Im a pretty boring soul, really.

- When did you start writing? How often do you write? We want to learn all about your writing life!

I've been writing since I was, I don't even know, maybe eight? I have a short story that got published when I was in 4th grade in this anthology of twenty stories written by kids in my school and I won a county-wide poetry contest in eighth, but LISP is the first contest I've done since.

- How did you feel when you learned that you were Longlisted for The London Independent Story Prize?

I was really, really excited when I saw that I got long listed especially since both of my pieces made the long list. I was just thrilled all day. It felt awesome!

- What's the best thing and the hardest thing about writing a Flash-Fiction?

The best thing is that it challenges you and the hardest thing is not having time to get into a voice. If you want a certain tone for your story, you don't get to build to that.

-Well we did taught you achieved that :) in both stories!

- How did you come up with the idea for your LISP selected story? Is there a story behind your story? And how long have you been working on it?

Half a Wanting is actually from a book I was trying to write before deciding I'd rather do a love story so I've had that one in storage, but fourteen and fifteen and sixteen I honestly just turned out. Took me about forty minutes to write and then I edited and finalized it.

- Can you please give us a few tips about writing a 300-word flash-fiction story?

A flash fiction has to be about impact. There's not enough there to wow the judges with your word choice, continuity, style or plot, so it's really about what kind of story can I tell here?

- What's the best thing about writing competitions?

The best thing about writing competitions, for me, is that it's very motivating to know that you're up against other like-minded people and other talented people. It makes you work harder.

-Lastly, do you recommend the writers to give it a go on flash fiction story and LISP?

Yes. Do it. Worst case scenario you don't long list and you try again and you try better.

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