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'There is a remarkable difference between an award-winning writer and an emerging writer.' E

What impresses you the most in a Flash Fiction?

Simplicity! Even it is a complex story, writer has to focus on the main point and has to make it simple. That is one of the show-off points for the writers to show their writing skills and talents.

How do you describe the art of compression?

Feels like more valuable, without losing the main point, telling the story minimalist way. That is absolutely art!

How do awards affect writers? As an award-winning scriptwriter, how did it made you feel to receive them?

Motivation! It's one of the biggest challenge for the writers. Also it might help to improve the network which is very important to find a publisher/producer.

Finally, what advice would you like to give for the ones wanting to enter our 300-word Flash Fiction competition?

I strongly recommend it! There is a remarkable difference between award winning writer and an emerging writer. Having awards for writers - is a status changer thing. They would have a chance to prove their talent, for themselves and for the society.

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