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Rachel David, LISP 2022 Flash Fiction Finalist by 'Itch'

LISP 2022 Flash Fiction Finalist, 'Itch' by Rachel David

- Can you please tell us about you and your daily life?

I love lots of different things and get pulled into different directions. My background is science (immunology), I work in health and specifically using behavioural science to improve health outcomes. But I also teach yoga, write, and do lots of crafts.

- When and how did you get into writing?

I know it’s a cliche but I’ve always loved writing, and wanted to be a writer since I was a child. In my adult life, I've mainly been involved with science writing for a range of audiences (I also write a blog and newsletter about the science behind mind–body practices, A few years ago, I decided to have a play with creative writing and was drawn to poetry, and have been part of a poetry workshop ever since. I took part in a flash fiction competition last year and really enjoyed it, so I've been playing with that too.

- How often do you write? Do you have a writing routine? And what inspires you to write?

I do morning pages every day, and frequently my morning pages evolve into something creative. I also try and work on other writing projects every day, but that doesn't always work with work commitments. Sometimes I am inspired by a prompt (as was the case in my LISP-selected flash fiction story) or I get ideas while out for walks or when practicing yoga nidra (a type of guided meditation that can often act as a creative spark). Sometimes ideas come out of nowhere though.

- How does it feel to have your work recognised?

I can be disheartening to not hear back or get rejections - even though I think we are all aware that this is part of the process. So being recognised acts as feedback to motivate me to keep writing. This is my second 'win' this year so I'm taking it as a sign to keep going.

- How did you develop the idea for your LISP-selected story? Is there a story behind your story? And, how long have you been working on it?

It was a prompt from MSlexia, I didn't submit it within the deadline but maybe that was for the best! I was interested in exploring the anxiety response (as something that affects me personally too) and how someone might spiral into it so much to end up scratching their whole skin off. - Can you please give us a few tips about writing a Story? I think the beauty of flash fiction is that you can really focus on the words and how they interact, in the same way as poetry. It's about capturing a moment in time – so for me it's about trying to tell the story of that moment rather than backstory or character development. Capturing what happened but also the mood or feeling around it.

- Lastly, do you recommend the writers submit their stories/screenplays to LISP?

The wait was long but I am glad I submitted!



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