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The London Story Prize 2nd Quarter 2018 Winners!

Time to Celebrate!

Congrats! Each of these selected stories has been read and scored by at least five of our judges! So, writers, please be proud of yourselves, you've made it!

Here are the winning stories:

1st Place:

A Blotch by Michal Calo, Israel

Winning Prize £100

2nd Place:

Dresses are for Parties by Alicia Bakewell, Australia

Winning Prize£30

3rd Place:

Fast Jazz by Richard Salsbury, UK

Winning Prize £10

Highly Recommended Stories

The Other Place- Fay Lee UK

How I Became an Actress-Erica Plouffe Lazure, US

On a Mission -Traci Mullins, US

u a girl?- Madeleine Hamley, Germany

Cry of an Angel- Marko Davidovic, Canada

Recommended Stories

Future Plans - Kathy Chamberlain, UK

Snow- Maksim Ubaydulaev, UK

A Smooth and Orderly Withdraw- David Rhymes, Spain

Veteran's Day-Erica Plouffe Lazure, US

The Search Engine AI That Makes You Feel Special- Sally Johnson, US

Chewing Gum- LIli Maylat, Israel


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